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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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halted president trump's controversial travel ban nationwide so what happens next? >> a local school infested with bedbugs. "fox5" reported on the problem for days and now the school takes action. >> and something new in the super bowl an a marketing preview. we'll stay on top of that. >> a district judge in seattle stayed a ban on travel from kuptyes. this is people celebrating the ruling in front of trump international hotel in the district. >> u.s. district judge in see al atle ruled washington state and minnesota had standing to challenge trump's order. the two states won a temporary restraining order while the court considers a lawsuit that aims to permanently block the travel ban. >> the law say powerful thing. it has ability to old everybody accountable to it and that include the
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united states. >> it is not loudest voice that prevails if a courtroom. it's the constitution. >> white house press secretary sean spicer tweeting this a little while ago going reads in part the department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of the order and defend executive order of the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate and the president order sin step todd protect the country and he has constitutional tore think and responsibility to pro tech the american people. >> an immigration lawyer has been volunteering those come fooing dulles this week. joining us now i have to get your reaction. what do you think about it. >> i think it's great we all do. >> what does this mean for the many people who you have been trying to help at dulles airport? we're talking about people that had we're hearing between 60,000 and 100,000 whose visas were revoked. >> we hope they'll be reinstated and come back in and people not
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planes and come here or turned back between saturday and sunday they'll be able to come home. >> what i'm sure you'll be inundated if you have not starred todd receive calls about what does this mean. i can come in? what is it you're telling people now that maybe has been banned in coming in. what are you telling them at this point. >> well we tell them that we think this is what it means we're going to be able to come home and tro from seattle judge doesn't have a deadline they're scheduled for a hearing non set the actual time. but that's what we hope will happen and certainly we hope that customs and border protection that the department of homeland security will comply with the tro. >> so certainly we heard the white house says as soon as they can the department of justice will try to fight this tell us you've about at dulles trying help the folks coming in. tell us about the stories and real people that you talked to how this affected them. >> i mean from saturday to
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million stories. it's ha to figure oar out which ones are the most compelling because everyone has one right? wear talking about people whose spouses went out for a little bit someone who they want to visit their family member was ill and then they could not come back in. and obviously there are people who have been working here for a long time and they went out to have a vacation, they come back this isle holidays right, right at the end of january a lot of people wept out for that and people who tell me on the other side of it they tell me they need to travel because they have a family member ill. we hear a lot of that. and you know, in particular i think they're also the people who expected to come in with the green cards and that sort of thing it's a surprise. it's heartbreaking when you think about families being trait separated. you don't know. >> so you think moving forward the ruling from washington state and then you have the white house saying we'll fight it all the way and you know, what is your thgh
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massive battle that's going to go on for months? >> nobody is packing up baggage 1 as we call it at dulles nobody is faking up the office at dulles 13 we're in it for the long haul and lawyers the non lawyers i mean there's such a tremendous outpouring of support for this movement i think we know that. and we're prepared for thatment. the whole week has been a lot of up and down you know? to be honest with you we have people on the ground in different locations too and there was the boston order earlier today and people were getting on the air lean and then boston order came out and people were getting off the airplane and then this order came out and people were getting on the air lean plane. it's an emotion all roller coaster. >> thanks for coming in and sharing stories. i'm sure we'll be talking to you in the days and weeks and possibly months ahead. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. >> we
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>> it's unclear how tonight's ruling will affect the lawsuit in virginia that was filed to stop this executive order and this morning a federal judge in alexandria rule the suit can proceed virginia attorney gern ral says the travel ban is harming virginia families, students and businesses and must be overturned. preliminary hearing for virginia is set for next friday. >> and now to the district. if you are active on social media, particularly twitter, you may have noticed over the past month or so post after post about missing children in d.c. and this a reason we've seen more visibility about this problem. "fox5" lauren demarco joins us with more. lauren. >> sarah, look at this. palace sonagog, emerald shaw, faith nelson, brianna harrington and shaquan scott and chastity smith all of these girls between 14 and 16 years old and this is just today. and at one point last month there were 15 active critical missing cases
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just seeing an uptic the reason we're hearing more about this is because of brand new police commander. i don't know what's going on it's deeper issue. >> chaniel decker son took over as command areer of d.c. police yunl and services division five wokz ago good and she was shocked at the number of missing girls in the city and some seemed to be part of revolving door of runaways and she's vowing to treat each and every case with the same level of service and media attention and says it does not stop once the child is found. >> and are you running away from something? or to something? we are making sure that we follow up with that to make sure that any other criminal activity is not taking place and then what are the re sources that family needs. >> when it comes to criminal activity one fear is sex trafficking and there's no solid indications in the current on cases and with so many children going missing it's a concern. and the founder of courtney's house which aims to
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children forced into prostitution said it continues to be a problem in d.c.. she's seen a steady flow over the past few years. >> we get 4 or 5 referrals a week on top of what we had and that may mean that we are in juvenile or parent was looking for them and they called us beforehand and/or the referral came from police or probation and case managers as well. there's more awareness we're having and it means we're getting more referrals and people are starting to identify and for the most important part of all of this survivors call themself this time and bring friends and refer friends as well. >> tina front says sex trafficking is hard to track and happens sometimes within families and we need to be realistic about what's going on. >> and i think it's about the words we use to describe trafficking right? you know people put temp and traffic in two categories but under the legal definition means the same thing. i want to create a program and get some assistance from the
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community to try to engage this vulnerable population and let them know they're val unl to the community and respect their bodies and mind. >> happeneder dickerson had goal of what is going on case by case and awareness and an an alarming number of missing children down. >> and some of these girls missing for about two months now and at the very least these kids are missing school and again there is a chance they could be in real danger. if you have seen any of them call police. and if you like to help commander dick are son with community out reach contact the d.c. police youth and family services division. lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> thank you. >> tonight there's no word what caused a massive fire at fairfax recycling and disposal center and this was the scene furnace road and lorton. it took crews several hours to put out the blaze. >> up next tonight major
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repairs. find out what stations will be closed this weekend and how long the delays will last. >> is also ahad a local school is temporary closing doors because of rats and bedbugs. why some parents say it's too little too late. >> we're getting you ready for super bowl sunday. "fox5" or fox let put it that way you watch it on "fox5"they're doing something cool during game coverage. we have marketing expert previewing commercials. >> hi, gwen. >> hey, there, we have cold warm kicking in tonight and stk ago around for the weekend. especially tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. and you'll have to bundle up. i'll let you know when it will warm up in a bit. >> stay with us, we'll be back right after the break test did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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>> savoy elementary school in south east d.c. is closing monday and tuesday due it a bed bug infestation. crews will do a thorough cleaning and it's too little, too late and the problem has been going on too long. lindsey watts has the story. >> this evening we have been watching pest control professionals going in and out
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this comes after teacher's union says majority of teachers did not show up today because of concerns of bedbugs and this afternoon students and parents got this letter announcing two day closure next week. it says in part during the cleaning and inspection process the savoy school community will temporarily relocate and we'll update you on sunday about where. something parents need to know about is that at this time it's still unclear where the alternative facility will be and d.c. school chancellor says there's a chance there will be no school for these students monday and tuesday. this is something we have been covering for a week now. parents have been contacting us about this problem and one of them providing these photos of the bites on his child he believes to be from bedbugs. there is also emotional emergency meeting at the school last night where parents told us they feel the district has not handled this properly and it's been known
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maybe even nrov was a problem here and some feel what is happening now should happen immediately like the dad that gave us photos of his child. >> i had to call "fox 5 news" for them to get going. >> and let parents be aware and they can be aware and not wonder why their kids are bit up and to come to the child's school and get this i have a problem with that. >> here's what we know about the timeline of this. some parents say they started hearing weeks ago about the bed bug problem in addition to issues with rats here. on january 16 the school said in a letter there is not a bed bug infestation. single isolated incidents with one adult and one child have been cited. and then one week ago parents were notified this was in fact a bigger problem and the school was being treated for pests. and this was the first week on the job for the new d.c. schools chancellor and t
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what he said about parents concerns that what's happening now it too little, too late. >> what i would say is this. i cannot go back and talk about what did or did not happen. i can say it's important issue, it's come to my attention we'll do everything we can to address it now and if there are things we can do to learn from what happened in the past we'll learn those lessons. >> and we will let you know just as soon as school officials decide if there will be school on monday and tuesday for the savoy students and where those chases will be held. south east, lindsey watts, fox a5 local news. >> metro has to deal with smoke issue again this morning. it happened along the red line at the dupont sible station and you can see smoke coming from underneath that train. service was delayed this morning for 30 minutes as crews looked into the issue and things were back to normal 7 a.m. and still no word from metro on what caused
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heads up if you plan to take metro this weekend. six stations on orange, blue and silver will be closed saturday and sunday and fargate west and mcpherson square and federal triangle smithsonian and federal center southwest and capitol south between day closure allows workers to make tunnel repairs and sell radio infrastructure upgrades. metro is telling riders to plan for up to 45 minutes of additional travel time. >> and all right. all right. it is the weekend. >> it is. >> time to talk about the weather. there's a lot going on this weekend. >> yes, that's right and we wantto you to stay inside glued to television sets on sunday and don't worry about going outside at all. because we are the super bowl channel. >> there you go. >> that was great endorsement. >> in the meantime you might want to stay in tomorrow, too, it will be freezing cold how is that? >> all right. that cold air starts tonight. it was chilly today and it will be really down right cold tonight. that arctic air mass is stick around
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skies as well. so we'll end up seeing pretty significant wind chills as those winds continue to pick up across the area. let's begin with weatherhead lines for you. clearing skies tonight, yes, and as we move through tomorrow plenty of sunshine. don't be deceived by the sun. it will be bright and look nice and warm out but it will be in the upper 0s and low 40s. sunday will be drier and milder. i say drier because we have a chance of seeing precipitation to the norm and norm west of us. but not really affecting the i 95 corridor at all. warm and wet next week. rain showers. we're heading to the 60s. we've got the old roller coaster things going on in the 7 day forecast. 3 right now d.c. and 27 gaithersburg and same martinsburg and winchester and 31 culpeper and 31 fred ricksburg and the winds have been cust gusting all day long and right now here's a look at wind gusts from 18 to 28 miles per hour winds and 29 whip
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chills as a result. you factor in the air temperature with the wind and the wind chill factor is what it feels like when you step outside. and d.c., 16 gaithersburg and 12 hagerstown and 15 martinsburg. but you know what in the overnight hours we dip to 26. temperature-wise. and so we could see single digit wind chills before it's all said and done. ridge of high pressure in control keeping skies clear. we have clouds increase sunday as we deal with a couple of active systems and looks like precipitation will stay north and northwest of us as we move to especially into sunday night and so we'll watch that closely and can't rule out maybe a springle near the mason dixon line with northern counties and in the meantime for tomorrow temperatures you into the upper 0s and low 40s and with all the sun that will be out there and it will be a little on the breezy side and then light winds. and here's a look at planner for tomorrow. by the 8:00 hour, 28. by the time we hit noon chilly 36 degrees with
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then by the 4:00 hour we'll be at 40. putting it together for you then tonight cold one at 26 only and skies clearing overnight and winds gusting in excess of 20 miles an hour and then they'll start to diminish and we see winds brisk in the early morning hours before they start to subside. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 41 degrees and finally westerly flow 5 to 106789 here's a look at 7 day forecast for you. wet warm tuesday and wednesday and we're warming up to the 60s at least. you cannot have the sunshine and warmth i guess cools down by the end ever the week and we're back to the 40s in reality check. your weekend is not too bad it will be on the chilly side. and stay with us we'll be right back after the break with more news for you
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>> the fame is here on "fox5"sunday. >> hundreds will be working non stop this weekend to been the big game to
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fox that's a total of 99 cameras in the stadium and 83 folk ised on the field. this year it will have a new feature, be the player. 38 cameras around the stadium will give perspective of the big plays. >> from that we sit there aen give the point of view of any player on the field so we so show you matt ryan saw before a touchdown pass. >> they'll have 180,000 feet of cable and collapsible preand postgame set. >> that will be greet see from player's perspective. >> you can imagine what it will be like. >> that many cameras i hope none fall on the field i worry about that sometimes. >> all right. well if you are not watching for the game chances are you are tuning in are got commercials. fox's lauren blanchard spoke with an add agency of what we
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to commercial this year. >> it's not just game to be excited about super bowl sunday. jason harris ceo of mechanism creative agency based in new york says it's all about the ads and getting plays during the super bowl is not cheap. >> the cost this year skyrocketed for 30 second media placement $5 million and production on top of that is maybe $1 million if you talk celebrities it's upwards of $3 or $4 million and fall $6 to $9 million 330 seconds. >> mr. clean hit the mark this year. ♪ >> mr. clean ad that's a fun ad. i think it hits a broad audience which is great for super bowl viewing people watch 24 a social setting and really it's about making
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for cleaning. i think it does a good job. it's entertaining and fun. >> he also liked audi. >> what do i tell my daughter? >> the audi drive progress ad i think it's a really, really good emotional statement saying they will do equal pay for help and women. >> an exitled, katie. >> i like the skittles ad it's simple and clever and can speak to audience from 8 to 08. >> and buick [ whistle ]. >> but not such a map of wendy's. >> you're as cold as ice♪ >> their ad simply shows someone with blowtorch in freezer de thawing the frozen patties and i don't think you take away that wendys is fresh beef from that. >> mechanism also has an ad rolling out
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>> we actually do have two 15s in the big game this weekend and they just got purchased from our client war and they're for a game called warld of tanks. >> according to recent survey about 20% of people tuning in will be doing so just for the commercials. catch it all this sundays here on "fox" at super bowl li in houston, lauren blanchard fox news. >> it looks windy where she is certainly warmer there then here. >> definitely. we had wind today and wind chills and tonight cold. the rest of the weekend gradual warm-up. tomorrow will be plenty of sunshine and cold day. then we warm up a bit by the time we get to sunday into the 50s and guess what we got into the midweek. 60s. >> wow. >> a little bit of rain though. >> we'll take it though. >> exactly little mixture going on. >> roller
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>> let's see how long it lasts before we get dread snow. >> thanks for joining us tonight, everybody. >> stay tuned for tmz. because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, i mean, i think everybody knows that we got the cash me ousside girl at catch. >> i'm gonna punch you all [bleep]. >> danielle bregoli, who went viral on dr. phil. harvey: is hollywood going to spoil her? what's going to happen, she's going to go hollywood, it's not going to go authentic and she will go -- >> at least she keeps it real. >> tyson beckford pulls a gun on a process server. this man was a large white man with an eye patch. >> if i'm at my house and there's a white dude with an eye patch, i'm definitely going to get a gun. harvey: what if a white guy said that about a black guy coming to the door? >> so be it, they say it all the time! >> they say it all the time. >> the super bowl is this weekend and we got 2 chainz. we're like are you betting on


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